Rode RODECaster Pro

The RODEcaster Pro is a revolutionary podcast studio that combines all of the trade’s professional tools in a compact all-in-one unit. The RODEcaster PRO has 4 XLR inputs, each with phantom power. This lets you use dynamic microphones as well as condensator microphones. In addition,you can add phone calls to your podcast using a bluetooth signal. 

The RODEcaster Pro has a built-in mixer, sound effects and SD card input, making it the all-in-one solution for podcasts. The RODEcaster Pro just made creating a quality podcast much easier. Back inputs: Input 4x XLR balanced / 1x 3.5mm TSSR unbalanced ( Phone/Tablet ). The inputs can each enable +48 V Phantom power. USB for external sources. Bluetooth for phone calls. 

Output: 4x TRS headphone / 2x TRS Monitor (also connects to a PA system). Front inputs: 1x TRS headphone. Audio can be recorded on the included 64GB micro SD card or on the computer by using the USB-C port. The Caster Pro has 8 Faders for audio mixing and 8 programmable Sample pads (for sound effects, jingles or pre-recorded interviews).

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