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Most of Budgetcam's customers rent equipment for projects which usually require a good cast. This is why we are going to collaborate with Casterbee. This is a platform where various talents (actor, model and also creator) can profile themselves for free to get bookings. If you need a talent, check the website. You can then get a 10% discount on a Budgetcam order when booking on Casterbee and you will also receive a 10% discount on the booked talent! 

We did a short interview with the founder of Casterbee, Jorge Bijleveld. Check out what he has to say about the platform below:

Who are we?
We are Jorge Bijleveld ('87) and Pascal Visscher ('85) and old school friends. After our school time we both went in different directions, but remained friends. After Pascal's visit to Jorge's wedding in 2017 on Bali in Indonesia, the bond became strong again and they decided to start some projects together. This resulted in two modestly successful travel platforms.

Jorge, working in the media & entertainment industry, ran into a recurring problem: "How do I find models and actors in an easy and transparent way. During the production of a music video, I was looking for two specific people. But with the limited budget, approaching a models/actors agency was out of the question. Models and actors today are already registered with various parties, they have their own website and Instagram. But it's all fragmented. I was looking for a platform where I could find everything in one place, where you can contact and book directly."

Jorge got a little frustrated that this did not exist and decided to make it himself. After living in Indonesia for 6 years, he returned to the Netherlands and asked Pascal to join as well as Berry Goudswaard's perfectly fitting IT company 'The Next App' for the development. The soft-launch was on January 12, 2022 and we are now ready to grow fast. We offer a solution for clients and let them get in touch with models and actors to directly book them.

Jorge Bijleveld co-creator of Casterbee
Jorge Bijleveld co-creator of Casterbee

What is Casterbee?
Casterbee is your transparent talent booking platform in the palm of your hand. Casters (that's what we call our clients) see the prices of models and actors directly, can place an assignment or offer one directly. The prices the casters offer are the prices they pay; we don't charge extra for this. This way, the talents also see the real price the Casters are offering.

We are committed to making Casterbee as smooth and secure as possible by integrating a secure payment gateway, KYC and billing system where you can also add details for your own records.

The goal of Casterbee is to make it fast and accessible for everyone. You'll find up-and-coming talent ranging from 15 euros a day to professional talent of 750 euros and more.

How do you guys see the future of recruiting creatives?
This sounds cheesy, but we've spent an enormous amount of time engaging with both Talents and Casters. We take every criticism at heart and take action as quickly as possible. We are a small but very energetic team doing our best.

As for Marketing. Honestly, word of mouth is the best marketing. Everything needs a kick start of course, but in the end it should spread organically. As with Budgetcam, the answer comes quickly that you can go there to rent equipment and that's what we want to become for talent bookings.

Why a partnership with Budgetcam?
Budgetcam is super easy to use, from the website to your friendly customer service. And you are everywhere, making it accessible and approachable for everyone to rent the equipment they need. This philosophy is also what we stand for. Casterbee is transparent so that you, as a Caster and as a talent, know exactly where you stand. We want you to have a direct way to access Talents to book directly.

So sign up as a creator on Casterbee for free and get in touch with cool jobs!

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