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Andrew Read
This was the first time that I hired equipment from Budgetcam and it certainly won't be the last. The equipment is in perfect condition and the service was excellent. I'll definitely be back for my next production
04 Oct 10:25
Mila Mel Photography
Good and fast service! Material is supplied complete. You also get an explanation and they take the time to answer all your questions
04 Oct 00:22
Imperium Studios
Top service and very smart way to grow as a photographer/entrepreneur who doesn't have a lot of money to spend on equipment. Two cool lenses cheap for two days, imagine you had 4 different assignments that are paid well. Definitive recommendation
03 Oct 12:49
Wonka Photography
Service itself very smooth, no complaints / comments. After editing the images noticed that the optical performance of the lens is not as it should be. Also a lot of play on the lens (reported upon return).
01 Oct 21:24
Moment by Kim
Very nice how they think along here, help you if necessary and how customer-friendly they are!
30 Sep 20:46
30 Sep 18:11
Realtimes Network
28 Sep 20:34
Slaats Productions
Top staff, and top quality equipment, advice.
26 Sep 21:10
Freelance Optima
Great again! High-quality lenses! If everyone works with it with care, it will stay that way ;-)
26 Sep 17:39
Sarah Sneiders Fotografie
Rented camera and lens for a party report. I go to the collection point on the agreed day and time. Only the lens is there. The camera isn't there. The employees of the store do their very best to try to reach someone from Rental and to come to a solution, I can't fault that. Unfortunately, the service of Rental leaves much to be desired. I am asked to pick up the camera myself in Evere (an hour's drive) or another camera in Antwerp (also an hour's drive). Not an option and absolutely customer-unfriendly. I have absolutely no time for that. In the end, a camera was brought to my home just in time, but it cost me a lot of stress and time. Unfortunately.
25 Sep 22:29
Gwyneth Twigt
Great service! Easy to pick up and return!
25 Sep 16:38
Very good service. I was promised a wireless go 2, but in the end they didn't have it and a good alternative was given. They also helped me set it up as I hadn't worked with that alternative yet!
25 Sep 14:20
Doho Fotografie
Fast service and they think along with you
25 Sep 13:50
Dutch Story Studio
Simply!!, professional and friendly
25 Sep 12:23
Photography by Ginovanni
24 Sep 19:12
Heldere Blik
You will only get the deposit back after 14 days and you have to pay for it yourself!
23 Sep 22:58
23 Sep 21:06
G. Gerdien thomassen
I like you
23 Sep 17:15
20 Sep 13:57
Onno van der Have
20 Sep 13:18
RR drone solutions
Product as described
19 Sep 18:13
Jessica Wermink
If I need/want to test equipment again, I will definitely book with budgetcam again! Via the website I was able to put together everything I needed and make a reservation to which I quickly received an answer that my reservation was approved for the dates that I had selected. On the day of pick-up, I was able to go to the store where I was kindly helped and uncle showed an interest in what I was planning. So this felt like very nice! The equipment worked well and supplied batteries/materials helped me to get the most out of it. Yesterday I returned the equipment and again I was helped kindly and quickly. And today I already had a message back that I get my deposit back. All in all I had a great experience and I can recommend it to everyone!
19 Sep 18:02
willeke kieft fotografie
Good service, fast! and equipment is always in tip-top shape! thanks!
19 Sep 14:21
Luna Ouweneel
Excellent service and the equipment was top notch. For a great price with that student discount!
19 Sep 12:05
Niels Braal Fotografie
18 Sep 16:50

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Budgetcam scores an average of 9.7 out of 6849 reviews.

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