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Aputure Amaran MC RGB 4 Light Kit

The Aputure MC 4-Light Travel Kit contains four Aputure MC lights with RGB LEDs. Each light has a range of 3200 to 6500K with a power of 1100 lux at 0.3m. 

The built-in 1/4” thread and magnets in the back panel make the lights flexible in use; you can place them wherever you need them during your shoot. 

At full power, the Aputure MCs lasts an incredible 2 hours of non-stop action at full power before you can charge them wirelessly with the accompanying charging case. You can also charge the lights with USB-C. Charging a single MC light via USB-C takes 1.5 hours. You can fully charge all 4 lights with the charging case within 3 hours. 

The dimensions per light are 36 x 61 x 17 mm. It weighs 130 g.

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