Aputure Light Dome II met Bowens mount

The Aputure Light Dome II is a light-shaping tool, a spherical softbox that transforms light and produces a softer glow instead of shining light directly onto your subject.

The softbox is suitable for the LS 120 and 300 lights or other Bowens light systems and can be used for all situations where you prefer softer lighting. Its round shape creates a pleasant light in your subject’s eyes. 

Redesigned with a fixed construction for a fast one-man installation. The double diffusers were specially designed to produce a very soft light and to shroud the subject, while the inner diffuser eliminates unappealing cross-lines that fabric-based diffusers often create.

The Light Dome is 890mm wide and 610mm deep. The Light Dome includes a honeycomb grid, a gel holder and two diffusers.

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