Aputure Light Storm C600d Pro LED Light

The Aputure LS 600D Pro is a powerful COB lamp. It offers a similar light output to a 1200W HMI, complemented by the included 55° Hyper Reflector. The lamp is very easy to operate and versatile through the provided 2.4 GHz remote control, the Sidus Link app, and DMX.

The LS 600D Pro can be powered by 100 to 240 AC power or by two 14,4V-, 26V- or 28,8V V-mount batteries. This makes the light ideal for use on locations where no power is available. Furthermore, the light is weather resistant which allows for use on location.

In addition, the light has built-in lighting effects such as Paparazzi, Fireworks, Lightning, Faulty Bulb, TV, Pulsing, Strobe and Explosion.

Finally the light weighs 5.8kg and the dimensions are 23.4 x 17.9 x 14.3 cm.

Attention: When using the LS600D Pro with the Aputure Fresnel 2x, keep in mind that the fresnel can get very hot.
Attention: We recommend not using the LS600D Pro in combination with the Aputure Barndoors.

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