GoPro Hero 11 Black

The GoPro Hero 11 is an action cam that can shoot images of 5.3K in 60fps and of 2.7K in 240fps. It can take 24.7 mp photos from stils of video and can take 27mp photos. It features 10 bit depth for clear and vivid shots. 

In addition, the new sensor can take 8:7 aspect ratio images and present it as a wide-angle 16:9 shot for a POV feel. 

The new GoPro features Hypersmooth 5.0 stabilization that gives smooth images even in most extreme situations. The camera's low light capabilities have also been improved. 

The GoPro is waterproof up to 10m deep, which offers more features, and the lens is water repellent for clear images even in an environment with water. Thanks to the Quik app, you can easily edit images, and images are automatically uploaded to the cloud when you charge the GoPro. 

Finally, the dimensions of the GoPro are 71.8 x 50.8 x 33.6 mm cm and weighs 127g. 

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