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Rotterdam centrum and Capelle are becoming shop in shops

19 October 2021 By Budgetcam Other

Budgetcam Rotterdam Centrum and Budgetcam Capelle aan den IJssel are becoming shop in shops. This way we will be able to provide our customers with even better service. So what does this mean for you?:

  • Own stock on location (meaning last minute changes are possible)
  • Budgetcam personnel on location (with expertise)
  • You can place orders on short notice for these locations


Rotterdam centrum

Admiraliteitsstraat 8, 

3063 EK Rotterdam

Capelle aan den Ijssel

Rietbaan 5, 

2908 LP Capelle aan den IJssel

Budgetcam has three types of stores: Concept Stores, Shop in Shops and Pick Up Points.

Concept Store

The Concept stores are standalone stores of Budgetcam where the lifestyle of our customers stand central.  At these locations you can find extensive test facilities, larger stock and broad service possibilities.

Shop In Shop

A Shop in Shop is a Budgetcam store within a Kamera Express store. In a Shop in Shop store you can find Budgetcam personnel and our recognizable surroundings, complete with almost all conveniences and experienced personnel that you’re used to in our concept stores.

Pick Up Point

A Pick Up Point is a Budgetcam pick up & return location in a Kamera Express store. In a Pick Up Point your gear will be handed to you by a Kamera Express employee. These stores have no stock. This means that you have to book your order earlier than usual. Last minute changes to your order are not possible at a Pick Up Point.

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