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DJI Ronin RS2 + Twist Grip Dual Handle

The DJI Ronin RS2 + Twist Grip Dual Handle is the successor to the DJI Ronin-S and the newest gimbal in the DJI stabilization arsenal. The gimbal is mostly made of a carbon casin for a total weight of only 1.07kg.

Perhaps even more impressive is that the RS2 has an excellent carrying capacity of up to 4.5kg. This creates new possibilites, for example for combining DSLR and mirrorless bodies with telephoto lenses, or for using small cinema bodies like the RED Komodo or FX6 at a relatively small gimbal like the RS2. 

The gimbal offers 3-axis stabilization, each with a range of 360 degrees. It has an advertised battery life of 12 hours. In addition, the RS2 has a touchscreen for fast and easy configuration and an improved algorithm for even better stabilization than its predecessor. Even functionalities that the Ronin-S required the app for, have now been fully integrated into the RS2. Now your phone can remain off set.

We chose to provide a dual handle grip with the Ronin RS2 in addition to the original handle options, to allow you to enjoy all the benefits of dual handle grip. The DJI Ronin RS2 lifts your cinematography to the next level. This gimbal, suited for larger system cameras and SLR cameras, is your assistant to shooting super tight and dynamic footage. This standard edition gives you the essential components to get started.

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