Behind the Scenes | Music Video 'Eigen Weg'

10-01-2023 By Budgetcam Behind the scenes

In this behind the scenes, we take you behind the scenes of the shooting of the music video for singer Dioni's song 'Eigen weg'.

The story told is about a difficult period Dioni was dealing with at the time. You can see in the video that the world around Dioni moves very fast and passes him by, so to speak. Everyone pulls at him or wants something from him. This shows his feelings during that period and that he himself was at a loss for words.

The large scale of the production and different locations required equipment that allows you to work flexibly. Thanks to Aputure's lights, mainly the LS 600D Pro, we had the ability to create a lot of intensity in the light but still be very manoeuvrable, for us on set this is a no brainer to have so we could maintain our tight scheme.  

In terms of camera, we chose the RED Komodo. Not only does the RED Komodo have a very compact body with incredibly nice quality, combined with the Zeiss CP.2 Cine lenses, we were able to shoot a very stylistic picture that perfectly reflected Dioni's thought process.

For us, the Prosup Laptop Dolly and the Prosup Tango Slider were also very important. For the main character, the story feels like the world is passing him by, and by using the dolly and slider, we were able to actually capture this feeling.

Equipment always has only one main purpose at the end of the day and that is to enhance the story. Thanks to the gear we were able to hire from Budgetcam, we were able to put down the strongest version of our story. 

Check out the end result at the bottom of this blog post!


Director: Jerliena Roosblad

Production company: Rosefeuilles

Productie: Rans Martina

D.O.P: Jerliena Roosblad

1AC / Focus Puller: Sophie Bon

Coloring: Dekleurcolors

Runner: Stijn Siebring

Bestboy: Doon Fitzgerald

Photography: Joyce van Doorn

Items used for this shoot:

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