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02-04-2024 By Budgetcam Marketing Tips & Tricks

When you rent a camera from us, you obviously want to take the best photos and videos. That's why we not only offer you the latest and greatest cameras for rent, but also a wide selection of accessories to make your rental experience even better. In this blog, we'll tell you which accessories you shouldn't miss during your next rental project and why they're so useful.

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Memory cards | Spare batteries | Tripods | Filters

Extra memory cards

Nothing is more annoying than discovering in the middle of a photo shoot or shooting that your memory card is full. That's why we recommend that you always bring one or more extra memory cards with you when you rent a camera. That way you can take as many photos and videos as you want without worrying about storage space. With us, you can rent memory cards of different capacities and speeds to suit your camera and needs.

The most common cards are the SD Cards in 64GB and 128GB, the CFexpress Type A cards in 80GB and 160GB and the CFexpress Type B cards in 128GB and 512GB.

View the full range of memory cards here.

Spare batteries

Another situation you want to avoid is having your camera fail due to a dead battery. Especially if you're on location or have a long day planned, you don't want to run out of power. That's why it's wise to always take one or more spare batteries with you when you rent a camera. That way you can quickly get back to work on your project. We offer a wide range of spare batteries. This way you can be sure that your rented camera is always charged.

The most commonly rented batteries are the Sony NP-FZ100, the Canon LP-E6 and the Sony NP-F970. Furthermore, Budgetcam also offers batteries for Fujifilm, larger V-mount batteries and many other variants for cameras, lights etc. 

Check out the full assortment of batteries here.


A tripod is an indispensable accessory for any photographer or videographer. A tripod allows you to position your camera stably and firmly, giving you sharper and more beautiful images. A tripod is especially useful when working with a slow shutter speed, a large zoom lens, a low light situation or a timelapse. With us, you can rent different types of tripods. From lightweight and compact to heavy and robust. 

If you are looking for something small and light, we recommend the Manfrotto Befree Live Tripod. In case you want something sturdy then you can look at the Sachtler System 18 S2 ENG 2 MCF Tripod. If you want a medium sturdy tripod then the Manfrotto Nitro N8 is a very nice option, this is also our most frequently rented tripod. 

View the full range of tripods here.


Filters are small accessories you can place in front of your lens to change the effect of light on your images. Filters can help you improve the colors, contrast, sharpness, reflections and atmosphere of your photos and videos. There are many different types of filters, each with its own purpose and effect. With us you can rent filters suitable for your camera and lens. Some examples of filters you can rent are:

  • A polarizing filter reduces reflections and glare from glass, water or metal and enhances colors and contrast.
  • An ND filter reduces the amount of light coming through your lens, giving you more control over shutter speed and aperture. An ND filter is useful if you want to work with a slow shutter speed or wide aperture in bright environments.
  • A black pro-mist filter can be used to give your images a dreamy and cinematic effect. A black pro-mist filter lowers the contrast and intensity of the highlights in your shot. It creates a soft, foggy atmosphere that makes the light "bloom."

We offer our filters in different sizes so that you have a filter available for just about any lens, from 46mm to even 95mm. 

Check out the full range of filters here.


As described above, there are many accessories you can use to make your project and rental experience even better. Extra memory cards, spare batteries, a tripod and filters are just a few examples of the accessories we offer. If you want to know more about our accessories or if you want to rent a camera, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you make the best choice for your project.

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