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Kamera Express Rental opens in five Belgian cities

30 March 2021 By Kamera Express rental Other

Amsterdam (NL), March 21st 2021 - Kamera Express, the leading photo and video specialist retailer in Europe, will start the rental of audiovisual gear in five Belgian cities in collaboration with Budgetcam under the name Kamera Express rental.

In the Kamera Express superstores in Antwerp, Dilbeek, Gent, Brussels Evere and Turnhout, Kamera Express rental will start with the service: rental of audiovisual gear. The same extensive range of gear that Budgetcam currently offers in the Netherlands will be available. From compact run and gun videocameras such as the Sony A7S III, Blackmagic pocket cinema cameras to larger cinema cameras such as the Red Gemini, Canon C500 II, etc. Naturally current Budgetcam customers will also be able to rent or return gear at Kamera Express rental.

Kamera Express and Budgetcam join forces

Kamera Express and Budgetcam will join forces to set up the new ltd. Kamera Express rental in Belgium. Kamera Express's current Belgian establishments will be utilized and the entire Budgetcam range and rental system will be implemented there.

Maurits Dekker, Managing director of Budgetcam: 'Finally we are able to give our Belgian customers what they have been asking for years; a Belgian establishment. We believe that Budgetcam's accessible marketleader formula, meets the needs of the modern Belgian creative. The cooperation with Kamera Express allows us to not only instantly offer our services in five locations, but also through the Kamera Express rental webshop.'

About Kamera Express (

Kamera Express, located in Capelle aan den IJssel (the Netherlands), is the leading photo and video specialist retailer in Europe. The platform consists of information, products, services and community services, through the means of relevant channels, which are in contact with photo and video hobbyists and professionals. The platform consists of webshops and 24 physical establishments in 10 European countries.

About Budgetcam (

Budgetcam, located in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), is the largest camera rental company in the Benelux. Budgetcam has 16 stores and more than 800 products rental products.

Budgetcam is a camera rental company that offers the best service to its core target group; filmmakers/photographers who work in small teams and mainly focus on online content.

Locations where you can find Kamera Express rental

Superstore Antwerpen

Superstore Evere

Superstore Turnhout

Superstore Dilbeek

Superstore Gent

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