Sony FX30 X Budgetcam Rental! Cinema camera on a budget

16-11-2022 By Budgetcam Other


It's finally here! With the Sony FX30, Sony further completes its FX line with a compact camera that challenges its competitors. De Sony FX30 shares the same housing with the Sony FX30, albeit with an APS-C sensor.

What do we think?

The Sony FX30 is the ideal camera that you can use on the go and conveniently put away. With the top handle, it's also possible to record audio through an XLR connection, along with the ability to create more stable images when shooting handheld. The FX30 is also ideal and compact to use in combination with a gimbal! Ideal for mobile shooters and users who work with larger cameras from the FX line-up.


  • APS-C Sensor (Exmor R Cmos Sensor)
  • 26MP photography.
  • 4k (over sample 6k) in Video, so 20,1 mp.
  • 120fps in 4k (crop).
  • Dual native ISO (800&2500)
  • 10 bit 422
  • 14 stops of dynamic range.
  • 496 Autofocus points.
  • Top handle, met XLR Audio input.


With the launch of the camera, we have the chance to introduce you all to the FX30 with a great offer to test it out. The first 50 orders will be able to rent the camera for a day, free of charge! The only thing we ask of you all is to fill in a short questionnaire (about +/- 5 minutes). The offer is available till December 31st, 2022.

Conditions to enter

* Book your order in through the website, not by phone!

* The discount is applicable for 1 FX30 per customer

* Fill in the coupon: testingwithsony

* The discount for the Sony FX30 for 1 day will now be processed. Our planners will take your process your order and check if the coupon has been used.

* You will receive a conformation for your order.

* After you've used the camera, we'd like to know how your experience was. We will send you a questionnaire with just a few, short questions!

* The questionnaire is mandatory to make use of the offer. If the questionnaire isn't filled in, the cost of the rental for the day will be billed.

* The order has to fall between 17-11-2022 and 31-12-2022.


Why do you need this camera? If you already own a camera or have experience with another entry in the FX-line, the FX30 creates a seamless addition to your workflow, making it the ideal B-cam for your production. Of course, with its specs, the camera can also function perfectly as an A-cam for a smaller crew. Next to this, the FX30 is compatible with all your Sony APS-C lenses (or full frame with crop), making sure you won't have to rebuild your arsenal as a Sony shooter. Even if you already have a cam like the A6400/A6500, this is the ideal camera to test out for a day with its superior IBS (internal body stabilization) and improved autofocus.


Our terms and conditions apply during this promotion.

Rent the Sony FX30 here!

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