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Summer of Sony

07 July 2021 By Budgetcam Other

The summer of Sony has arrived where we call all running & gunning videochamps to a season filled with gigs, events and creativity. Don’t call it a job, call it a lifestyle.

Limited Edition Sony Varsity Jacket
We have tons of deals planned this summer, but we start off with something unique. Sony, Budgetcam and Kamera Express are dropping their first limited edition Sony varsity jacket customized for all shooters that have turned their passion into their life’s work. With hidden easter eggs and each of the 100 jackets numbered, the jacket is an ode to all of you: by creatives for creatives.

The Sony varsity jacket is not for sale, but can be won exclusively at Budgetcam and Kamera Express. In addition to winning the jacket, you also receive the A7SIII for one rental day free of charge. Experience for yourself why there is so much buzz around the camera also known as ‘The King of Low Light’. If you are selected, you will receive your varsity jacket in your size when picking up your order.

You can register here for a chance to win.

The idea behind this showpiece is that the jacket will be the item for every shoot for a new generation of filmmakers: the run and gun shooter. The large demand for online content has caused a worldwide wave of new creatives and we see you. Nowadays this is more than just a job: it’s a way of life.

About Sony alpha (
Sony alpha is a mirrorless camera system from Sony. Cameras such as the A7S III, FX1, A1, A7C, A9II, A7RIV and the A7III are from this line. These cameras are often used by compact crews, professional photographers and Run and gun shooters.

The Sony A7SIII 
On the 8th of July 2014, Sony made history with the release of the Sony A7S. A full frame mirrorless camera with never seen before high ISO performance. The camera was Sony’s third release from its Alpha line-up and the S stands for sensitivity. With Full HD (downsampled from a 4K sensor), external 4K recording, a full frame sensor and Sony’s Log color profiles the camera was an instant hit.

Not even two years passed and Sony released the successor: the A7SII. With internal 4K recording, increased Full HD frame rates and internal sensor stabilization, Sony brought a camera to the market that perfectly met the needs and wants of run and gun shooters.

It almost seemed as if Sony was not going to release a successor to the A7SII, but then after a long wait, Sony announced the A7SIII on the 28th of July 2020. Contrary to other camera manufacturers, Sony opted not to radically change the camera compared to its predecessor, but rather to improve on what the camera already did very well.


Like its predecessors, the A7SIII has a low resolution full frame sensor, 12.1MP to be precise. Which is why the A7SIII is still worthy of the title ‘The King of Low Light’. When it comes to frame and bit rates, the camera has made some improvements. Slow motion can be recorded in 4K up to 120p and internally 4K 4:2:2 10-bit recording is possible up to 600Mbps. The amount of data the A7SIII is capable of recording per frame allows for flexibility in post production. On top of this, the camera also has Sony’s S-cinetone color profile, which allows for quick turnaround times without the loss of a cinematic look. If projects require the absolute maximum in terms of image quality, the A7SIII can record 16-bit ProRes Raw into an external recorder.

Where the A7S and A7SII were very similar in terms of body and menu systems, the A7SIII is a camera redesigned from the ground up. The camera uses Sony’s newest NP-FZ batteries that last 60% longer than the batteries of its predecessors. The body has grown in size, which is a good thing. Due to its larger design, the camera does not overheat, has a full-size HDMI port (a relief for video shooters) and an articulating touchscreen.

Gone are the days of endless tabs and submenus. The A7SIII has a much simpler menu layout, allowing for easier navigation and adjustment of settings. In addition, it is now also possible to create a customized menu tab with your most used or adjusted settings.

The Sony FX3
Besides Sony’s Alpha line, there is also its cinema camera line: FX. After the Sony FX9 and FX6 were available on the market for a while, Sony announced its smallest cinema camera on the 23rd of February: the Sony FX3.

Sony FX3 and A7SIII
Sony FX3 and A7SIII

The camera shares a lot with the A7SIII. Both cameras record the same frame rates, share the same sensor and both allow for external raw recording. Despite their similarities, there are a few unique features that the FX3 has that make it more appealing for video.

The first reason being the lack of an electronic viewfinder. This may sound as a disappointment to those who enjoy using a viewfinder, but the lack of a viewfinder has a reason. The FX3 comes with a top handle with built-in XLR inputs. The handle makes the FX3 a real run and gun camera for video shooters and allows for professional audio equipment to be used with the camera.

On the frontside of the camera there is a tally lamp, which allows for both the camera operator and talent to visually see that the camera is rolling. Moreover, on top of the camera there is a zoom lever. With this lever and compatible Sony cinema lenses and Sony cameras that have Electronic Clear Image Zoom function, can electronically zoom in and out.

Finally, the FX3 has 5 ¼’’-20 mounting points for accessories. This makes the camera perfect for rigging and changing the ergonomics of the camera depending on the needs of the situation.

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