Godox AD1200 Pro 1200Ws TTL Studio Flash

The Godox AD 1200 Pro 1200Ws TTL Flash kit is a flash with an output of 1200 Ws that is compatible with many TTL flash systems. It works with an external battery, making it perfect for on-location use. The battery can power up to 500 full-power flashes and the flash duration can be from 1/220 to 1/10 860. 

Furthermore, the flash has a recycle time of 0.01 to 2 seconds, high-speed sync with shutter speeds up to 1/8000s and a colour temperature of 5600K. The flash has a bowens mount. Furthermore, it has "Stable Colour Temperature" to keep colour temperature changes within ±75K across the range. It can pop 100 continuously in Stroboscopic mode with 1/16th of the power output. 

Further, the dimensions of the flash are 23 x 20 x 12.5 cm and it weighs 8.25 kg.

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