Hive Lighting Wasp 100-C LED RGB Spot

The Hive Lighting Wasp 100-C is an RGB LED light with 22 degrees par-reflector (to create spotted light) and barndoors.

It has a neutral color display (CRI/TLCI 98/97) and ranges from very warm amber (1650 Kelvin) to icy blue (8000 Kelvin). The Wasp has a 360 degree tone confinguration, 0-100% saturation configuration, and can be dimmed 0-100%.

You can configure the Wasp on its casing or by smartphone or DMX. It has a maximum power consumption of 100W and an output of 4736 lux at 1 meter. The Wasp weighs 2270 grams and can be expanded with Profoto OCF modifiers, which are available separately.

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