Profoto B1X 500 AirTTL location kit

Take photos with AirTTl or in manual mode and use the wireless connection to other AirTTL flashers. Thanks to the cabel-free design and the wireless control, nothing gets in your way to take photos. Ten times as strong as the average speedlight, with 500W and a power range of 9 f-stops, which you can configure in steps of 1/10 f stop. Quickly replacable and rechargable Li-ion batteries provide up to 325 flashes at full power and up to tens of thousands of flashes at the lowest power. Produce up to 20 flashes per second with a flash duration of 1/19.000s and fast recharge times of 0.05-1.9s.

Manage ambient lighting with HSS and create sharp photos without motion blur at 1/8.000s shutter speeds. Operate wirelessly with a range of 300 m by using any optional Air Remote. A powerful and dimmable LED model light simplifies setup and can be mixed with natural light in low light situations. Provides superior control and high light quality with its built-in reflector. Simple, intuitive user interface with large screen and high resolution.

To use this set, you need a Profoto Air Remote or a Profoto A1. These lights do not support HSS or TTL.

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