Profoto OCF Zoom Reflector

The OCF Zoom Reflector lets you change the lighting angle from 55 to 85 degrees. Simply move the reflector forward or back in relation to your lightsource. The silver reflective material on the inside lets you boost the light output up to 1.2 stops. The OCF Zoom Reflector is highly compact, with a size of 150 x 140 mm and a light weight of 310 grams. This makes it very suitable for mobile sets. It fits in a B1X bag. The OCF Zoom Reflector is compatible with B1X, B1, B2, B10, D1, and D2 mounts.

Attention: Do not combine Profoto OCF modifiers with the Profoto D1 and D2. The heat of the model light overheats the modifier. The maximum wattage for cool lights is 100W, for warm lights 300W.

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