Sachtler Ace M tripod

The Sachtler Ace M Fluid Head with 2-Stage Aluminum Tripod is Sachtler’s entry model with the quality expected from Sachtler tripods. The tripod has the Ace M video head, which offers seven steps of counterweight. The video head is also suited for cameras up to 4 kg. The fluid head adds precision to your panning and tilting. 

With a weight of 4.4 kg, this is a relatively light tripod. Its height is is compact too, at only 85 cm when folded. Perfect for transport. In addition, the tripod has a minimum height of 78 cm and a maxmimum height of 169 cm. Its tilt range is -75 to +90 and the tripod has a built-in bubble level for ease of use. The Sachtler Ace tripod is perfect for shooters with a relatively light camera setup who are looking for a compact, light yet sturdy video tripod.

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