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Samyang 35mm (Canon) T1.5 VDSLR

The Samyang 35mm T1.5 AS UMC VDSLR is a budget-friendly cine lens with professional specifications. The lens has a Canon EF mount and can cover up to a full-frame sensor. In addition, the lens is equiped with industrial standard gearing. It is also compatible with all follow focus systems in our range.

For your convenience, the barrel of the lens comes with clear markings for precision control of the focus distance (indicated in Meters and Feet), as well as the aperture (indicated in T-stops). The lens has a minimum focus distance of 30 cm. This makes it highly suitable for powerful close ups and perfect for medium and wide shots.

The lens also has a 77mm filter mount. This means you are not forced to use the lens with a matte box if you prefer to use a circular variable ND filter.

The lens weighs only 740 grams and has dimensions of 83 x 111.5 mm. You can combine it perfectly with an A7 or 6000 series camera for easy gimbal jobs.

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