DJI RS3 Pro + Twist Grip Dual Handle

The DJI RS3 Pro is the newest pistol-grip gimbal in the Ronin series, building on all the innovations of the RS2. With a light carbon fibre body of 1143 grams and the dynamic Twist Grips, this gimbal is a must-have for every professional shooter.

With a carrying capacity of 4.5kg, the RS3 Pro is suitable for a wide range of cams and lens combinations, from DSLR/Mirrorless bodies like the Sony A7S III to bigger cine cams such as the Red Komodo and the Sony FX6. Utilizing a user-friendly menu on the built-in touch-screen, you can get started with pretty much any setup in mere minutes. The RS3 also includes numerous improvements and new features, such as; wireless shutter control, instant mode switching, a bigger touchscreen and various improvements to the mounting system, making it easier to precisely calibrate heavier setups for smoother results.

The gimbal utilizes a 3-axis stabilisation system with a range of 360 degrees for every axis. The included battery makes it possible to film up-to 12 hours continuously.  To give you even more options as a shooter, we include the Twist Grip Dual Handle, giving you even more control/stability to utilize the RS3 Pro to its full potential with its dynamic design. This set includes all the essential parts to get started.

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